Our Team

A little something about our team.

Teronia Gilmore, MS., LMFT

I am a therapist who believes that the patient is the expert on their feelings. I have first-hand life experiences and training that assist me to understand the circumstances and needs of my patients.

I am here to listen and give guidance to assist and improve the daily lives of my patients.

If you are having relationship problems or just need to talk through your own personal issues, contact us I can be the the therapist that assist you in changing your life for the better.

Dianna Payan, M.Ed, CPC-I, School Counselor

As a Bilingual (Spanish) school counselor and clinical professional counselor intern, she has experience working with children, youth, and families in the counseling, trauma, and crisis setting. As part of the counseling community during the Route 66 tragedy, she has experience working trauma. A result of her experience as a school counselor and CPC-intern she has experience in topics such as: mental trauma, crisis interventions, bullying, suicide protocols, cyber-bullying, substance abuse, conflict resolution, self-injury, career development, and other areas aimed at improving the mental health, academic achievement, and emotional development of youth and families/dysfunctional families.

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