Book Recommendations

How Methamphetamine Abuse Affects Spousal Relationships:

How Methamphetamine Abuse Affects Spousal Relationships relay a great deal of extremely relevant information about Methamphetamines and the destruction it causes on families. Much of the information also focuses on the pattern of behaviors that brings destructive traits to a spousal relationship and how substance abuse plays a role in those relationships. The information shared here is vital for victims of the people who use drugs. This research project is considered to be some of the most important pieces of literature about drug abuse today.

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Into The Lives of Female Sex Workers:

Sex work is the oldest worldwide profession that continues to remain discreet from mainstream society yet impacting it at the same time. The present study investigates the contributing factors that lead to sex work by examining the lives of sex workers and their surrounding environment by communicating with individuals that work with sex workers on a daily basis. Voice recorded interviews were conducted on 7 participants based on the criteria that the participants are advocates, interns, clinicians or volunteers that work directly with female sex workers. The results will be beneficial to mental health professionals, medical professionals, law enforcement and sex workers.It will enable mental health clinicians to be more supportive of sex workers and inform them of the sexual, mental and physical health impact of sex work. This study that will increase awareness to the general public and is important due to sex work having a major impact on communities world-wide.

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