Tele-therapy Rules

Rules and Tips of Tele-Therapy

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Rules and Tips of Teletherapy

  • No recording allowed for any reason.

  • Please find a private and quiet room to conduct your session.

  • Do not have multiple browsers open, including Netflix, emails, etc. open because it slows service down.

  • Eliminate as much distraction as possible.

  • If using a cell phone, no texting or browsing it can be a distraction and slow the connection.

  • Do not use any other video tools (such as Skype) during the session. All other video tools must be turned off, so the videoconferencing platform can work properly (otherwise you and the therapist will not see each other).

  • Make sure that your computer does not run updates or installs software during your online session. It would slow your connection.

  • Do not turn on and use a brand new computer for the first time in session, because the first time you turn it on, it will likely begin updating already installed programs and installing new programs automatically.

  • Make sure that no one at your house tries to stream videos (such as Netflix) or play online games during a session, because it can slow the connection.

  • Limit background noise, including fans, barking dogs, phones, etc.

  • If you decide to use headphones during teletherapy, consider headphones with a background-noise canceling feature.

*Tips abstracted from 20 tips for smooth online therapy ( Teletherapy) by Beata Klarowska, M.S. CCC-SLP